Restoring an Heirloom
For some brides, the Dream is to wear a mother’s or grandmother’s wedding gown.
The professionals at Gayle’s can determine whether a gown can be restored and what will be needed to accomplish the task. A new gown can also be created in the style of the original if preference or condition of the original dress dictates this to be the best alternative.

Restoring a gown to its original elegance
Restoring a gown to a wearable condition may include remaking sections of the dress with extra fabric and lace from the gown itself or with pieces from the large selection of vintage fabrics and laces Gayle’s has available. Sometimes, a slight change in styling is needed.

This bride is wearing her mother’s gown from the mid 1960s. The only design changes were the shortening of the sleeves and the removal of the bow in the back.

Restyling a family treasure
Gowns can also be restyled to either update the style or change the size. Vintage fabric and laces may need to be added, but almost all of the original dress can be used. Brides and mothers appreciate the sentiment.

This bride chose to have the top of her mother’s 1975 gown restyled. The new silk satin bodice complimented perfectly the soft ivory of the original organza skirt.

Creating a new heirloom
When condition, coloration, or size prevents the original gown from being worn, a new garment can be made. A custom gown in the style of a vintage family gown can be created from Gayle’s extensive inventory of fabrics, laces, and trims.

Gayle and her staff have years of experience in textile care, fashion, and fit. You can be assured that your treasured heirloom will be handled with the greatest care. Gayle has a very personal interest in these vintage gowns, as exemplified by her private collection of wedding dresses dating from 1894 to the 1960s.



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