Alterations for that Perfect Fit
When you purchase a gown from a salon, a consultant will either order for you the size of gown that is nearest your measurements or sell you the sample dress. Either way, the dress will have to be altered to flatter your figure.

But why? My consultant measured me. Your consultant used your measurements to determine from the individual manufacturer’s standardized size chart which size gown you would fit into at the bust, waist, and hip areas. Some gowns can be ordered to correct hem length at an extra charge, and this should be done if the gown has hemline detail that cannot be adjusted. The bodice, however, must fit “like a glove” if it is to stay in proper position for appearance and comfort. Your shape is uniquely your own, and no standardized garment will flatter you without some adjustment. If the dress has a train, it must be bustled so you can move and dance at your reception.

Why should I choose Gayle’s for the Bride to do my alterations? Gayle’s professionals specialize in wedding attire and have years of experience working with fine laces, specialty fabrics of silk and man-made fibers, and beaded embellishments. Gayle’s is renowned for their fitting skill and can handle the most complicated and detailed adjustments. A long-time member of the Professional Association of Custom Clothiers and the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals, Gayle Moline adheres to and exceeds their standards of quality and workmanship.

What do I need to bring? You will need the dress, of course; the shoes that you will be wearing; and any bras and slips that you already own or have borrowed. Gayle’s for the Bride sells bras by Valmont, rents slips, and carries shoes by Dyeables and Special Occasions. These accessories, along with headpieces, veils, and jewelry, may be purchased at the time of the fitting or at a previous appointment.

What will my alterations cost? The price of alterations varies by how the dress fits initially, how the manufacturer has constructed it, the style of the gown, and how soon the alterations need to be completed. Approximate charges may be given over the phone, but until the Gayle’s professionals actually see the dress on you and examine the inner construction, a firm estimate cannot be given. Wedding gown alteration charges usually fall into the $150 to $350 range.

Why are bridal gown alterations so expensive? Wedding gowns are constructed of fabrics that are delicate and fragile and must be skillfully handled. Even the most minor adjustment can be time-consuming and requires infinite care. Many manufacturers do not create gowns that can be easily adjusted. Having an experienced professional handle your special gown and listen to your fitting concerns will give you confidence that your dress will be given the utmost in care and attention. Brides from all over the Midwest and beyond have trusted their gowns to Gayle’s for the Bride staff for many years.

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